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About PCCC

The Parenting and Child Conduct Counseling staff consists of three full-time LPCs, one LMSW, and a CIT. All of our counselor affiliates provide therapeutic services to children, adolescents, emerging adults, and families with children.

The PCCC staff utilizes Evidence-Based Practices to treat clients. Our therapists have received extensive training in the delivery of empirically-based treatments for common childhood problems and disorders.


We have specialists trained and certified to treat ODD, Conduct Disorder, and Childhood Trauma. Plus, all of our therapists are trained to use empirically-based treatments for Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety, and other common problems and issues associated with children and teens.    

We are committed to providing the best total counseling experience for clients. In addition to quality therapy, you will be treated with full respect at all times. We strive to keep a friendly, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere while working hard to build and maintain positive relationships with you and your child.  Give PCCC a call.