Youth Counseling Center


Evidence-Based Therapies and Practices for children and Teens

Parenting and Child Conduct Counseling offers individual evidence-based therapy for most problems and disorders common among children and teens. In individual therapy, I treat ODD, AD/HD, anxiety, and depression.


Evidence-based treatments and practices represent a class of therapies tested for effectiveness through extensive and replicated research. Studies have shown an 80% effectiveness rate for many of these therapies. In my experience, I see more than an 80% effectiveness rate for clients who complete the program and use the skills as prescribed.


Evidence-based treatments encompass some distinctive qualities that I, as a therapist, prefer. Allow me to list some, among many, of these characteristics.


Evidence-based treatments are sequential, and progress is measurable. Each step leads to the next, and the therapist and client know when to move on to the next step.


Skill building is emphasized. Clients learn to recognize and evaluate thinking errors, use relaxation skills, better regulate harmful emotions, and control harmful behaviors. These skills, and others, can positively serve the client throughout life with continued use.


Parent involvement is crucial to the success of a child or teen’s progress in therapy. All child and adolescent therapies that I use have a parent component. I will ask parents to practice skills that their child learned during sessions, change parenting techniques if needed, and support the therapeutic process in a prescribed manner.


One last point. Live Online therapy works as well or better than in-person treatments for most children. However, if your child would have a better experience with a therapist in a face-to-face format, I will work with you to find a counselor that better fits your needs.