Behavioral Parent Skills Training

Treatment for Childhood Oppositional Behavior

Behavioral Parent Skills Training

Behavioral Parent Skills Training (BPST) comprises several Evidence-Based manualized therapies designed to treat children and adolescents with disruptive behavior problems and disorders. Many research studies of PBST programs have found up to 80% effectiveness rates in Randomized Clinical Trials. Anecdotally, PCCC clinicians report similar results for families who complete PBST programs in their entirety.

PBST programs focus on Parent Training as one method to change child and adolescent behavior. This parent-focused approach is not to place blame on parents for the problem. Researchers can't place blame on just one factor. There are many, but they can be categorized into four categories.

"Oppositional," "defiant," "stubborn," "strong-willed," and children diagnosed with ODD or Conduct Disorder become that way through a developmental process that begins at birth or even before. Factors include child temperament, parent temperament, parent-child interaction patterns, and environmental history. So, when asked why my child acts this way, experts will say, "we don't know."

There could be many reasons or a combination of several factors that contributed to your child's behavior problems. Whatever the cause, though, research is quite strong. Parents are in the best position to improve their child's behavior by using skills and techniques that have been tested and found to work with children with behavior problems.

Parents frequently ask, "Why is this child impossible? My other children make good grades, play sports, have lots of good friends."

Good question! Children who behave in an appropriate fashion most of the time do fine with traditional behavior management. However, a "strong-willed" child may require specialized techniques and parenting skills most children don't need.

For the child with behavior problems, it is somewhat like special education services at school. For example, suppose a child struggles with reading due to a processing disorder. Special Education Teachers will help this child learn to use alternative methods to read. Behavior problems are no different in that regard.

Many successful adults displayed behavior problems as a child and or teen. Chances are, your child can grow into a successful adult as well. The traits that make "strong-willed" people challenging to manage are often the same traits that make them successful later in life.

The first step in treating your child or teen's behavior problems is formal or informal assessment. We will evaluate your child's mental health, explore parent traits, investigate parent-child interaction patterns and environmental history. Following the assessment process, we will collaboratively develop a treatment plan to address areas contributing to the problem.

For example, say we find that your teen has a dual diagnosis of ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The ideal treatment plan would consist of individual therapy targeting the ADHD for the teen and Behavioral Parent Skills Training for parents to address the ODD diagnosis.

Behavioral Parent Skills Training is provided in two formats. First, BPST is a Family Therapy that consists of a combination of parents without child and parents with child. This format consists of 10-12 sessions if all goes smoothly. However, the training goes on as long as needed. Some cases are more complicated than others and take more time.

Secondly, BPST is provided in a class format. The class consists of 8 weekly sessions and is available either Live Online or In-Office on Mondays or Thursday nights from 8:00-9:30. Andy Anderson is the instructor/trainer. The cost is $40 per session. See Behavioral Parent Skills Training Calendar below for dates and times for the class. BPST class is offered Live Online and In Office.

If you have further questions about getting help for your child with behavior problems or are interested in enrolling in a BPST class or setting up an appointment, contact us today.